The 5 Basics

“Give your child a great start in life! You just need The Basics.”

The Cemala Foundation has partnered with Ready for School, Ready for Life to bring the Basics to Guilford County.

The Basics are five fun, free, powerful and easy caregiving practices that every family can use to help every child have a great start in life.  They are:

  1. Maximize Love, Manage Stress
    Children flourish in a world that feels safe and predictable. Help them see, hear and feel your love.
  1. Talk, Sing, and Point
    Respond to your infant’s sounds or your toddler’s words with eye contact and a loving voice.
  1. Count, Group, and Compare
    Talk about numbers, shapes and patterns. Compare everyday objects as you go about your day.
  1. Explore through Movement and Play
    See what interests your child and help him/her learn as they play and explore.
  1. Read and Discuss Stories
    Make reading a fun routine from the start. Point at pictures, speak with excitement and ask questions.

By introducing the Basics in Guilford County, The Cemala Foundation and Ready for School, Ready for Life offer an innovative tool for parents and caregivers from every background to help their children prepare for kindergarten and ultimate life success.

Although this program is being coordinated locally by a dedicated group of nonprofits and community leaders committed to early childhood development, the Basics Guilford is part of a larger, national network of communities striving to help children thrive.