The Cemala Foundation

Focus Areas

The Cemala Foundation supports critical backbone organizations of community engagement and development in Greensboro. Nonprofits, early childhood nurturers and powerful workforce leadership organizations are essential to Cemala’s vision for our community. Please explore our three core focus areas: Early Childhood Development, Transformational Spaces & Opportunities and Workforce Training.

The Cemala Foundation Focus Areas

Early Childhood Development

Early childhood development and education are vital to a child’s quality of life and to the strength of our community. Preparing children to be ready to learn helps our community and is simply a smart investment. The Cemala Foundation has invested in initiatives that support early childhood development.

Transformational Spaces and Opportunities

Ideas, projects and efforts to build community are integral to Greensboro’s development. The following transformational opportunities are meeting important needs in our community. Their purposes range from the enjoyment of nature and exercise, to the learning and enrichment of young people and students, and to the growing entertainment and performing arts scene in Greensboro.

Workforce Training

As Greensboro and the region reinvent themselves to accommodate 21st century companies and to transition from an economy based on textiles, tobacco, and furniture, The Cemala Foundation invests in workforce training initiatives.