Because it is a meaningful resource for children and families and adds to the character of Greensboro’s downtown, The Cemala Foundation is contributing $800,000 to the “Reaching Greater Heights” capital campaign and the creation of the Outdoor Play Plaza.

Located at the front of the museum, and visible from the street, the Outdoor Play Plaza is a transformational art space and cultural exhibit. Opened in May 2017, it features two European-imported 30-foot-tall Neptune XXL Climbers connected by a 25-foot suspended net tunnel. The Outdoor Play Plaza taps into a child’s creative level of problem solving, teaching children how to go from point A to point B with no specified path, and the rope structures allow for visibility while kids play.

In addition to the Outdoor Play Plaza, the museum’s campaign and expansion project includes the addition of an interactive, indoor water exhibit in 2018 and a technology media exhibit installed through 2019.

Greensboro Children's Museum Outdoor Plaza
Greensboro Children's Museum