The Cemala Foundation has provided North Carolina A&T State University with a $500,000 grant in support of Project LLIFE. The purpose of Project LLIFE is to facilitate increased skills and performance in language and literacy for children between the ages of 1-4. Moreover, the project is aimed at recognizing and assisting underrepresented families in southeastern Greensboro.

LLIFE stands for Language and Literacy Impacting Families and Educators, and is guided by several key goals and objectives. These include:

  1. Enhancing language and literacy development of children from diverse populations in southeast Greensboro.
  2. Supporting culturally responsive practices of educators and families in promoting appropriate literacy development.
  3. Training pre-service students to become language and literacy facilitators of diverse children’s development and learning.

Additionally, the project will conduct a needs assessment of educators and develop culturally responsive, play-based language and literacy activities.

NC A&T Project LLIFE